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Does insufficient bandwidth get in the way of your online enjoyment?

Do you get frustrated when waiting for sites to load?

  • It's time to go big. GPON FTTH broadband connection now gives you faster speeds, better value and high data.

  • Prepaid broadband, no forced monthly recharge

  • With cache server + more than 200 p2p networks + Google-Facebook-Akamai-Netflix-Amazon peering (Peer List)

Broadband Tariff
Wireless Plans
Bandwidth Peering Transfer (Monthly) MRP Rs (Monthly)
4 Mbps Unlimited Contact us
8 Mbps Unlimited Contact us
16 Mbps Unlimited Contact us
FTTH Plans    
Bandwidth Peering Transfer (Monthly) MRP Rs (Monthly)
10 Mbps Unlimited Contact us
25 Mbps Unlimited Contact us
50 Mbps Unlimited Contact us
Availability Patna & nearby area only   

Use of any of Hostaxis Network Private Limited Service/s indicates acceptance of our Terms & Conditions by the customer

Prepaid Setup Charges    
Connection Without WIFI Router With  Wifi router
Wireless connection (5 Ghz) Rs 2500/- Rs 3500/- 
Optical Fibre ONU Rs 1000 Rs 1500/-

Static Public IP    
Connection Static IP Allocation MRP (Monthly)
Leased Line/Dedicated Line Dialup / LAN  1 Lan IP Free (Extra IPv4 - Rs 150 / IP)
Prepaid Broadband Only Dialup Rs 150 Per IPv4

All Prices are Inclusive of all taxes

*FTTH : Fiber to the Home

For Leased Line 1 :1 and higher speed Contact Us

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